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To provide a wide range of Academic and Research Programmes and strive to develop a World Class Centre of Excellence for Learning.

Imparting essential knowledge to the students through quality education, training and research activities and moulding them as Good Scientists, Technocrats, Administrators and Entrepreneurs with Social Awareness, Professional Ethics and Leadership Qualities.

Committed to inculcate the values of discipline, honesty and integrity among students, faculty and staff and to bring out the significance of the close interaction among Educational Institutions, Industries and the society for the cultural, Social and Economic advancement of our Nation.


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  • Department of English is organising a Guest Lecture “Research Grants-Issuesand Insights” on 29.11.2016
  • MBA Dept. & CII Jointly Organize the 'Entrepreneurial talk' on 25.11.2016
  • Department of MBA & MMA Jointly Organize a seminar on "Branding in Marketing and Advertising" on 21.11.2016
  • Inauguration of the Science Club " PHENMACH" on 26.10.2016
  • ROTARACT Club of Velalar College of Engineering and Technology - Installation of Office Bearers for 2016-17 on 31.08.2016
  • Department of MBA - Workshop on "Interpersonal Skills for Young Entrepreneurs" on 31.08.2016
  • Department of CSE organizes Two days workshop on "Internet of Things (IOT)" Will be held on 20.08.2016 to 21.08.2016 in association with E-Cell, IIT Bombay and Robokart.com
  • Department of CSE conducts Hands on training on graphical design software in Photoshop and Coreldraw on 13.08.2016
  • MBA Dept. Organizes Association Inaugural Function – 30.07.2016 – Report
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering – FAME Inauguration – 25.07.2016
  • Department of EEE – EMERFLUX Inauguration – 25.07.2016
  • Department of BME Association Inaugural function – 22.07.2016
  • Department of ECE – CENIREA Inauguration – 22.07.2016 – Report
  • Department of Information Technology – INFOAUXANO Inauguration – 16.07.2016
  • Department of BME – National Seminar on " Biomedical Image Processing using MATLAB and Implementation using Raspberry-Pi". – 29.06.2016
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering organize the FDTP on "Dynamics of Machines" – June 16 to 18, 2016
  • Dept. of ECE organizes IETE Sponsored 3-Day FDTP on "Embedded System design using ARM Microcontroller" for EC6711-EMBEDDED LABORATORY (R2013) on 2.6.2016 to 4.6.2016
  • Dept. of ECE organizes IETE Sponsored 3-Day FDTP on "EC6303 – SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS" on 01.6.2016 to 3.6.2016
  • MBA & MCA Depts. Conduct Velalar Carnival – Final year UG Arts and Science College Students Contest on 12.02.2016
  • MBA Dept. Organizes a Seminar on "Management Games for Pricing and Promotional Strategies" on 03.09.2015. Placement day – 11.04.15
  • National Conference and Project Expo -14.03.2015