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Mrs. T.Sathya, AP(Sr.Gr.), Department of ECE

Teaching Method : Peer Instructions
Topic:Fourier Transform Properties
Course:Signals and Systems

Mrs. V.Kavitha, Associate Prof., Department of CSE

Teaching Method : Collaborative Learning
Topic:Classical Encryption
Course:Cryptography & Network Security

Mr. D.Senthil kumar, Asst. Prof., Department of MECHANICAL

Teaching Method : Flipped Class Room
Topic:Transportations Problem
Course:Resource Mgt. Techniques

Mrs. P. Georgia Chris Seluyna, Assistant Prof., Department of BME

Teaching Method : Mind Mapping
Topic:Bio Sensors in Cancer detection
Course:Sensors & Measurement

Mr. S. Arunkumar, Asst. Prof., Department of Mechanical

Teaching Method : Z to A Approach
Topic:Theory of Bending
Course:Strength of Materials

Dr. V. Lathajothi, Professor, Department of CSE

Dr. V. Lathajothi, Professor, Department of CSE