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Lab Photo

Devices and Electronics Laboratory
Devices & Electronics laboratory is special and well equipped with the latest Signal Generators and Oscilloscopes. Students are grouped into small teams and guided to do their mini projects by using the facility such as Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Dual Power Supplies, Various Types of Active and Passive Devices, Variable DC & Fixed Power Supply, Digital Multimeter and This lab comprises of Analog & Digital IC Tester.

Lab photo

IC and Communication Laboratory
Integrated Circuits lab is used to study various ICs and how to use them to design Analog and Digital circuits. Communication lab focuses on training the students in both analog and digital transmission/reception of signal. The IC and Communication Lab facilities include the following equipment:
1. CRO, Signal Generator
2. Dual Regulated Power Supplies
3. Digital Multimeter
4. IC Trainer Kit and various ICs
5. Analog and Digital IC tester
6. Kits for Signal Sampling, TDM, AM, FM, PCM, DM and Line Coding Schemes.

lab photo

Networks and Simulation Laboratory
Network Laboratory helps the students to study and analyze the behavior of various network nodes and links. To cope with the present day trends and technology followed in industries, students are imparted knowledge in the following software and hardware.

1. LAN Trainer Kits
2. Rt sim Simulation Software
3. Network Simulator Software (NS-2)
4. Computers.

Embedded Systems Lab

Microwave and Optical Laboratory
The Microwave laboratory is equipped with X band and J band benches setups which provide the necessary support for train the students in the area of Microwave engineering. The Optical laboratory is well equipped with advanced Optical fiber trainer kits which help the students to analyze the characteristics and different measurements of fiber optic cable.
Major Equipments : Reflex Klystron Benches, Gunn Oscillator Benches, Microwave Power Meter, VSWR Meters, Frequency Meter, Fiber optic kit for testing and analysis of devices and fiber characteristics, Optical trainer kits for data communication, APD/PD Module, LD/LED Module, Optical Fibers for mode characteristics, Optical Power Source, Optical Power Meter, Connectorization and Splicing of Optical Fibers, Mobile trainer kit.

electrical drive & control lab

Digital Signal Processing & VLSI Design Laboratory
The Laboratory has been setup to conduct practical work for the course Digital Signal Processing. The simulation tools MATLAB with SIMULINK are available. Special tool boxes for Signal Processing, Image Processing and Control System are also available. DSP starter kits TMS320C50, TMS320C5416, and TMS320C6713 are offered for studying the various signal processing techniques.
Major equipments : MatLab : R14, R2014a and Simulink; MatLab Tool Boxes : Control System, Signal Processing and Image Processing; DSP starter kits : TMS320C50, TMS320C5416, TMS320C6713; Computer Server : HCL Xeon Net Manager; Desktop Computer System : Pentium IV, Core 2 Duo; Function Generators : Scientific HM5030,3MHz, and Agilent 33220A 20MHz; Dual trace Oscilloscope : HM203G, 30MHz; Digital Storage Oscilloscope & Software : Scientific SM3100, 100MHz; Spectrum Analyzer Scientech Caddo 8010, 1GHz; Mixed Signal Oscilloscope : Agilent MSO 6012A 100MHz, 2 + 16Ch; DC Power Supply : Agilent E3631A; 6 ½ Digit Digital Multimeter : Agilent 34401A.


Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory
The objective of this laboratory is to give the students the opportunity to acquire some hands-on experience with the various workings of a microprocessor and microcontroller. To attain that familiarity, all students will be working with 8085 and 8086 Microprocessors and 8051 Microcontroller kits. The simulation level experiments based on microprocessors and microcontroller can also be conducted using latest software and they are implemented in the RTOS. Programming in a higher level language would prevent the user from becoming intimately familiar with the microprocessor. This laboratory is intended to help educate engineers rather than computer scientists. This is a combination of brief introductory talks carried out in the lab together with a great deal of hands on work with a microprocessor development board, ARM processors and PIC Microcontroller interfaced to a PC or a range of other equipment. Major Equipments : 8085 LED Version Kit, 8086 LED And LCD Version Kit, 8051 LED And LCD Version Kit, Interrupt Controllers, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Computer Terminal with Printer


Embedded Laboratory

Embedded laboratory help the students to study Micro-Controller's Programming using C and ways to build Blocks of Embedded Systems The lab equipment with LPC2148 micro-controllers which is based on 32 bit ARM7TDMI-S™ CPU with real-time emulation and embedded trace support.

Major components : Keil MDK 4.0, IAR embedded Workbench for ARM, LPC2148 Evaluation Board – 12 Numbers, Zigbee Wireless Modules, Stepper Motors, DC Motors, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, EEPROM Module


RF lab

RF lab is well equipped with antenna kits to enhance the study of various types of antenna and its radiation patterns.

Major Equipments:
1. Spectrum Analyzer
2. Digital Storage Oscilloscope
3. RF Transmitter/ Receiver
4. Various Antennas


Applied Electronics Laboratory
The Applied Electronics Laboratory is equipped with necessary devices and instruments that provides the application oriented training, extensive hands-on experience related to advances processors/controllers and their interfacing circuits. Students are able to use the software for compilation and implement them in the hardware for further analysis. This makes a graduate knowledgeable and helps to compete in the hi-tech workplace.
Major components : IAR Embedded workbench for 8051, MSP 430 Piggy back, ARM-7 LPC 2148 starter kit, ARM -9, CC2530-8051 based WSN Evaluation setup, Spartan -6 Trainer kit, Flash interface board


VLSI Design
The VLSI design laboratory has a enriched state-of-art systems and tools for simulation, EDA tools, software and technology library. This VLSI lab is constantly been ungraded with the equipments to match the technology grown in the modern era. The goal of the VLSI design lab is to cover the fundamentals of digital system design and implementation using a Hardware Description Language (HDL) and to go through a complete tool flow and demonstration of working circuits on an evaluation FPGA board.
Major components : DSO 36025D 25MHz color, DSP trainer kit TMS 320vc, PIC Microcontroller kit, Xilinx Spartan 3E kit-FPGA, Xilinx Virtex 4 kit, AARON (ASIC,Full custom and nanosim), Cadence OrCAD (V16.5)