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Our Institution has Rain water harvesting facility within the campus. The rain water is collected from the roof top buildings and in open areas with a high run off coefficient. The collected rain water is directed in the percolation pits located at feasible points inside the campus to recharge the ground water. The rain water harvesting sumps has a provision of collecting almost 80% of the rainfall. The rainwater harvesting pit is located in the premises of VCET L-Block and VCET Main Building.

Bore wells are constructed inside the college premises for easy recharge. The stored rain water can be effectively utilized to revive the bore wells. The bore wells are periodically monitored and kept in good condition by the plumbers with necessary actions to rectify the problems. The bore well recharges are located within the college premises near the VCET main building, L-Block and VCET ground.

Overhead water tanks are constructed in the L-Block and Girls hostel block for the purpose of retaining water supply which is a part of the water distribution system. The water stored in the tanks is used for daily requirements in the campus such as gardening, rest rooms, and cleaning purposes. The overhead tanks are supervised regularly and immediate necessary actions are executed for its functional maintenance.

Waste water recycling plant in the form of aeration tank is constructed within the campus to prevent the environment polluted from the waste produced by human beings. The treated waste water is used for gardening purposes and watering the lawn.

There are adequate facilities available in the campus for the maintenance of water bodies and subsequent water distribution system to fulfill the various needs of the users. Well-laid pipe network is arranged to distribute the stored water from ground point to various tanks within the campus.

There is continuous monitoring of leakages and wastages and immediate actions are taken to prevent wastage of water. As a precautionary measure to control wastage of water automatic water level controllers are installed in the storage water tank to avoid overflow of water. RO plants which form the drinking water distribution system are installed in all the floors of L-Block, main building, and girl’s hostel. The purified water from the RO plants are used for drinking purpose and the rejected water from the RO is collected and used for campus gardening purposes.