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  • The Ideals and Values which are being cherished, symbolically figure in the college emblem.
  • The Lotus being the National Flower, symbolizes the blooming of young minds on acquiring knowledge while learning in the college.
  • The Presence of paddy and sugarcane represents the prosperity of the rural areas where from most students come to learn.
  • The palm leaves (olaichuvadi) stand as the basic embodiment of the ancient educational traditions of the country.
  • The Lamp symbolizes the knowledge emanation from educationists thereby dispelling the darkness of ignorance and guiding learners towards the path of knowledge.
  • The Temple on the hill reveals the fact that it is only the Creator who can guide all living beings in pursuit of true knowledge and peace and lead them to the pinnacle of glory.
  • The Motto "ulluvthellam uyarvullar" (let our thoughts be noble ones) emphasizes that high thinking is essential for a successful life.