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Name of the Teacher Date of Launching Platform Name of the Module
Mrs.S.Yamuna devi 02.04.2020 YouTube FIR Filter Design using Windowing technique
Dr. V. Latha Jothi 02.04.2020 YouTube Warshall Algorithm
Dr. V. Latha Jothi 03.04.2020 YouTube Floyds' Algorithm
Dr. V. Latha Jothi 07.04.2020 YouTube Finding the Binomial Coefficient using Dynamic Programming
Dr. V. Latha Jothi 09.04.2020 YouTube Knapsack Problem
Dr. V. Latha Jothi 18.04.2020 YouTube Backtracking
Dr. V. Latha Jothi 15.04.2020 YouTube Optimal Binary Search Trees
Dr. V. Latha Jothi 11.04.2020 YouTube Memory Functions
Dr. V. Latha Jothi 19.08.2020 YouTube Converting infix Expression to Postfix Expression
Dr. V. Latha Jothi 02.04.2020 YouTube Implementation of Stack using Linked List
Dr. V. Latha Jothi 20.07.2020 YouTube Array implementation of List
Dr. V. Latha Jothi 02.04.2020 YouTube Inserion into a Linked List
Dr. V. Latha Jothi 02.04.2020 YouTube To find the Factorial of a number using C program
Dr. V. Latha Jothi 02.04.2020 YouTube Generating Fibonacci series using C program
Ms.S.Kayalvili 29.04.2020 YouTube Managerial Roles
Ms.S.Kayalvili 29.04.2020 YouTube Fayols 14 Principles of Management
Ms.S.Ponni 15.04.2020 YouTube Publishing an App
Ms.S.Ponni 13.04.2020 YouTube Android Testing
Ms.S.Ponni 10.04.2020 YouTube Mapping Design to Code
Ms.S.Ponni 06.04.2020 YouTube Design Patterns -1
Ms.S.Ponni 07.04.2020 YouTube Design Patterns - 2
Ms.S.Ponni 06.04.2020 YouTube Multimedia in Android
Ms.S.Ponni 03.04.2020 YouTube Component Diagram
Ms.S.Ponni 31.03.2020 YouTube State Diagram
D.Lavanya 06.04.2020 YouTube Conversion of CFG to PDA
D.Lavanya 08.04.2020 YouTube Conversion of PDA to CFG
D.Lavanya 10.04.2020 YouTube Turing Machine problem
D.Lavanya 16.04.2020 YouTube Turing machine for addition
D.Lavanya 16.04.2020 YouTube Turing machine problem for subtraction
S.Vishnuppriya 04.04.2020 YouTube C program for passing Structure to Function
S.Vishnuppriya 06.04.2020 YouTube C program for Structure using Pointer
S.Vishnuppriya 09.04.2020 YouTube File opening and closing in C
S.Subathra 08.04.2020 YouTube Conversion of PDA to CFG
S.Subathra 07.04.2020 YouTube Conversion of CFG to PDA
S.Nithya 24.08.2020 YouTube Deployement and component diagram
K.Mohanapriya 16.4.2020 YouTube lempel ziv encoding
K.Mohanapriya 14.4.2020 YouTube Huffman coding
S.Nithya 24.08.2020 YouTube State Diagram
S.Nithya 24.08.2020 YouTube Applying Design Pattern
S.Nithya 06.04.2020 YouTube High cohesion and controller
Dr.M.Nisha Angeline 07.04.2020 YouTube Controllability and Observability
Dr.M.Nisha Angeline 02.04.2020 YouTube Asynchronous Sequential Circuits
Aarthi V 23.12.2020 YouTube Plotting in SCILAB
Dr. S. Rajan 24.10.2020 YouTube GSM Channels
G.Boopathi Raja 23.11.2020 YouTube Telecommunication and Broadcasting Satellites
G.Boopathi Raja 29.07.2020 YouTube Karnaugh Map
G.Boopathi Raja 08.04.2020 YouTube RLP and DLP in Warehouse-scale architecture
Mohanabarathy R 16.07.2020 YouTube Medical electronics
Karthikeyan N 12.08.2020 YouTube Maximum Mode
Sathya T 26.09.2017 YouTube Peer Instruction
Sathya T 13.05.2021 YouTube Voltage Time Base Circuit Working
Sathya T 13.05.2021 YouTube Current Time Base Circuit Working
Senthilkumar.P 02.04.2020 YouTube Monostable Mode using 555 Timer
Ragavi P 09.09.2020 YouTube Viterbi Decoding
Mahendrakumar S 01.04.2020 YouTube Satellite Orbital Parameters
Nachimuthu S 01.09.2020 YouTube Professional Ethics
Pradeep K K 23.12.2020 YouTube Veterbi Decoding
Mr.K.S.Murugesan 11.08.2021 YouTube BJT Amplifiers
Mr.K.S.Murugesan 17.08.2021 YouTube MOSFET Amplifiers
Gopalan R 08.04.2020 YouTube Propagation of Electromagnetic wave through free space
Gopalan R 08.04.2020 YouTube Wave Propagation
S.Poornachandran 10.03.2020 YouTube Error Control Coding
V.Gowrishankar 20.06.2020 YouTube IoT using Python
M Shivaranjani 12.06.2020 YouTube Gate Coaching
Ms.C.Santhini 26.01.2021 YouTube Introduction to FET
Kavitha K 12.04.2021 YouTube Wave Propagation in Antennas
Nandhini P 26.09.2020 YouTube Combinational Circuit
Aiswarya S 19.08.2020 YouTube Analog and Digital Communication
M Shivaranjani 20.06.2020 YouTube GATE Coaching
C.Santhini 26.01.2021 YouTube Introduction to FET
Ms.M.Ruba 26.01.2021 YouTube Introduction to FET
Dr.K.Senthil Prakash 26.06.2020 YouTube Wireless Sensor Network