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In this global scenario, the employability/entrepreneurship/skill development efforts have been shattered across the nations. So, there is a need for quick reorganization of the employability/entrepreneurship/skill development ecosystem and its promotion is necessary to suit the needs of the industry.The students can improve their employability/entrepreneurship/skill development with the highly effective courses framed in our curriculum.

Outcome of the courses

Our courses equip students with the skills needed in a global workspace.We give various domain specific skill training programmes which are mapped to the global skill qualification and industrial standards.These initiatives will help to enhance the inert potential of the students.The students will acquire personal qualities such as self-confidence, creativity, the ability to take initiatives, as well as the willingness to take calculated risks through these employability/entrepreneurship/skill development courses. They learn to save, invest and grow in their career. These competencies help them to select and shape their career path as employees or entrepreneurs. Our curriculum structured in an action oriented way, more than 50percent of the courses consists of practical knowledge. It helps them for identifying business opportunities, assess resources for setting up and steering a business, and learning from successful entrepreneurs in their companies and in the classroom.

Benefit to the society

The introduction of these courses creates a chain of business creating jobs for the students.When an industry expands, it leads to the expansion of its associate industries.Similarly,Entrepreneurship and development complements each other. The future development of the countries requires a strong logistics network, skilled workforce and capital investors. Hence, Entrepreneurs can provide the much-needed push for workers to gain skills andprofitability. More employed individuals add to the national income of a country through tax revenue. Moreover, the government can spend more on security and infrastructure development, increasing the robustness of the country’s economy.