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The Velalar College of Engineering and Technology has provided the following facilities for the disabled persons.

  • The institution provides ramp facility to disabled persons for the easy access of various places in the campus.
  • The buildings in our campus are provided with Ramps and Lifts.
  • The reduced inclination in the ramp makes easier and safer movement of wheelchair.
  • The ramps are carefully designed as per the specifications to be required by the disabled persons.
  • The lifts are provided in the campus for disabled students to go to different floors other than ground floor.
  • The lift has wide enough doors and sufficient space to accommodate wheelchair, as wheel chair is a one of the most important mobility device used by the disabled persons.
  • The institution has the wheel chairs which have adequate space to sit during usage.
  • A wheelchair may be operated by the user alone or with a help of assistance.
  • The wheel chairs are placed near the ramps according to the need.

  • The washrooms for disabled persons are provided separately almost in all blocks in the campus.
  • It is designed as per the standard specifications to accommodate people with physical disabilities.
  • The washrooms are provided with grab bar for the convenience of the disabled persons.
  • The extra care is taken by the institute to maintain the washrooms neat and clean.
  • The sign board is provided outside of the washrooms to access it easily and not to be used by others.

  • The sign boards are very important component in any institution as for as disabled persons are concerned.
  • The sign boards make the disabled students to feel comfort to move to any place in the campus without any confusion.
  • The institution has placed sign boards and display boards at different places in the campus for the benefit of disabled students.

  • The differently-abled persons are provided with the facility of JAWS software to develop their technical and other skills.

  • Human assistance is provided in the campus to help the persons with disability.
  • Scribe assistance is available for the Examinations.