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1.Title of the Practice: ‘NPTEL LOCAL CHAPTER’

2.Objectives of the Practice

• To support students and faculty members in the process of strengthening their knowledge and career prospects by introducing trustworthy, cost effective, and flexible sources of online education.

3.The Context

• NPTEL local chapter is instrumental in connecting the enthusiastic learners to a cost-effective learning platform which gives access to learners on advanced topics, self-paced learning, and certificate exams with credit transfer facility.

4.The Practice

• Faculty members and students enroll in courses either in core branches or interdisciplinary ones. Also, faculty and students are motivated to select courses outside their branch of study to enhance extra knowledge and career prospects. • VCET faculty also offers guidance and clarification to students through their NPTEL MENTOR role.

5. Evidence of Success

• VCET, with its 631 certificates obtained in the last academic year is one among the top 100 NPTEL local chapters for past three years in a row. Many students have availed credit transfer facility. • For the students, knowledge gained through NPTEL courses come in handy during technical interviews.

6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required

• Students need self-motivation and self-regulation. • At times, students choose advanced courses which are too tough to proceed without additional guidance. • Sometimes, students who hail from rural, encounter network connectivity issues.

7. Notes

Increasing number of enrolments and certificates with ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ tags is a remarkable step towards the institution’s commitment to impart essential knowledge through quality education.

8. Contact Details

Name of the Principal: Dr.M.Jayaraman Name of the Institution:Velalar College of Engineering and Technology
Pin Code:638012
Work Phone: 0424-2244201,204,206