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IT Infrastructure

IT Management
• To maintain, secure and ensure legal and appropriate use of IT infrastructure on the campus.
• To establish the responsibilities of all IT users for protecting integrity and confidentiality of the managed and controlled information assets.
• To monitor infrastructural assets like computers, servers, laptops, LCDs, and projectors and information assets like data, network devices and documents.

No. of Systems and their Configuration
Institution has a total of 1297 computers with the following configuration: i3 / i5 / i7 Processor , 4GB / 8GB RAM, 500 GB / 1 TB HardDisk, 3.41 GHz Processor clock speed and above CPU Speed.

Internet Connection
Internet connection is distributed across the college through Wi-Fi networks. The institute regularly upgrades the internet connection every year. The campus is enabled with 24x7 Wi-Fi, 500 Mbps bandwidth connectivity. Upgrade of network infrastructure from 100 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. 61 Wi-Fi access points have been installed in the campus to improve the Internet access. The coverage of Wi-Fi is extended to all areas including classrooms, library, conference halls, cafeteria and hostels. The Wi-Fi system has been functioning with 500 Mbps (1:1) leased line connectivity provided by Wireline Solution Private Limited.

Networking Peripherals
VCET uses fibre optical networking cable with a speed of 100 / 1000 MBPS media converters and layer 2 switches like CISCO SG 500 / 350 / 300.

LCD Projectors
Upgrading of IT is seen in teaching learning process as OHPs in the institute have been intermittently replaced by LCD projector with smart boards in all class rooms. Laboratories are equipped with wall mounted LCD projectors and screens for the implementation of smart and innovative learning methodologies.

IT Usage Policy
• To ensure that institution’s proprietary information stored on electronic and computing devices remains its sole property. It should be ensured that proprietary information is protected in accordance with Data protection Standard.
• Every user on the premises has a responsibility to promptly report the theft, loss or unauthorized disclosure of institution’s proprietary information.
• Members of Velalar College of Engineering and Technology may access proprietary information only to the extent it is authorized and necessary to fulfill assigned job duties.
• Authorized individuals may monitor systems and network traffic at any time.
• Lower end configurations and obsolete systems are periodically replaced with high configuration systems.

IT Security Policy
• Installation of Anti-malware software, Firewalls and access authentication systems.
• Effective security is a team effort involving the participation and support of every IT user.

VCET uses firewall service from MIKROTIK CLOUD CONTROL ROUTER and have lifetime validity.

Surveillance Facilities
There is a 24/7 CCTV surveillance security available in the institution. Through this security system, the faculty members and students have been secured from unwanted grievances.

All the faculty members, students, technical staff and other workers of our institution are responsible for exercising appropriate use of information and network resources in accordance with the policies and standards.